The first step of our process, Discovery is where the requirements for the project are determined. The goals and objectives are established. All preliminary information for the campaign or project is gathered. The more comprehensive you are in this step, the easier the three subsequent steps are.

We start by discussing an age old service industry formula...
There are three variables in every job: price, quality and time. Clients get to pick two.


Applying all the parameters determined in the Discovery phase, this is where the project's look and feel begins to take shape. All creative, media and pre-production approvals need to be finalized and approved during Design.


After the first two steps have been approved, this is where the solution is produced. The creative and pre-production planning come together. A goal for this step is to avoid major changes.

The deliverable for this phase is a completed project ready for testing, quality control, etc.


Final quality control, testing and preparation for delivery may only be part of what this step entails. These days, projects often require an evaluation, optimization and maintenance periods. The final step in Deployment should be a post-mortem to close the project to gain valuable learnings.

how it works

The simple structure provides a framework to easily manage campaigns/projects, assess progress, measure and optimize all solutions.

It’s easy to overlay the 4D process with any existing workflow documentation, so there’s no need to “reinvent the wheel” when implementing this process on any job. This helps identify vital times when key decision makers need to be involved. It also helps implement the "pencils down" time, to stop continuing rounds of revisions, cost overruns and missed deadlines.

Once used a few times it will be easy to see how our 4D process works for any type initiative, from large campaigns, down to one-off projects.

It provides a structure to evaluate the current state of the entire, end-to-end business process. It also establishes a framework on which to implement efficiencies and improvements on job specific workflows.