9066productions, inc., is an homage to the Japanese American generation called, Nisei. Pronounced, “Nee-say”, or second-generation. The number, 9066, is from Executive Order 9066 issued by President Franklin Roosevelt on February 19, 1942 ordering Japanese Americans to internment camps.

The photo in the header of this site, is of Heart Mountain Butte, outside Cody Wyoming. The photo is from the U.S. National Archives. Heart Mountain Relocation Center was one of 10 internment camps built. From 1942 to 1945, 127,000 Japanese Americans from western states were sent to 16 assembly centers, 10 justice department camps, 6 citizen isolation centers, or 10 internment camps. Over 14,000 passed through Heart Mountain.

The use of the number “9066” in the name is to honor those people who were interned and a small gesture to inform and remember. In hopes this great country never makes the same mistake again.

In these turbulent times, this is ironically relevant.

We weren't able to find credits for all the photos and art on this page, but we would like to fully acknowledge and credit those responsible for making these images available on the internet. The winter image of Heart Mountain Internment Camp, Wyoming is from the University of California, Calisphere image collection.